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Teenagers, a late-90s obsession

Desperate to Seem 16 by Lynn Hirschberg, New York Times, September 5, 1999 The most popular actresses on television today are very young and brunet. There is Katie Holmes, who stars as a high-schooler on “Dawson’s Creek,” and Jennifer Love … Continue reading

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Where’s the next generation of Buffys?

We need more vampire slayers – just not more Buffys by Charlie Jane Anders,, November 29, 2010 Warner Bros. had half the right idea with their Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake. It’s about time somebody picked up the baton Joss Whedon dropped … Continue reading

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Orphan Stories

Why We Love Movies About Orphans We root for Harry Potter for the same reasons we root for Oliver Twist and Shirley Temple: because they’ve lost their parents. by Steve Daly, Newsweek, November 18, 2010 In the avalanche of moody, … Continue reading

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