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Through the eyes of a Bling Ring-era teen

Memoirs of a Valley Girl Malcontent by Katie J.M. Baker,, May 29, 2013 One August afternoon when I was fourteen, my friend and I somehow acquired enough cash to rent a white stretch limo for an afternoon to drive … Continue reading

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A prof’s observation of the Millennial college experience

I don’t hate millennials anymore! So they don’t know John Hughes or the Cure or have a generational identity. This Gen Xer now sympathizes with Gen Y BY JENNIE-REBECCA FALCETTA,, May 25, 2013 Like many of my colleagues in the … Continue reading

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The end of celebrity

From “The World Needs More Gwyneth Paltrow“ by Jonathan Naymark,, May 3, 2013 The past few weeks have been busy for America’s most contentious celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow. PEOPLE Magazine named her the world’s most beautiful woman, while readers of Star … Continue reading

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