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Austen vs. Eyre: A Jane Showdown

‘Jane Eyre’ movie rekindles Austen vs. Bronte, the battle of the bonnets By Monica Hesse, The Washington Post, March 17, 2011 Enough with the empire waistlines, the sparkly dialogue, the pride, the prejudice, the Colin Firth trudging out of the … Continue reading

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Literary Drinking Games

Drink ‘Til He’s Witty: The Reader’s Drinking Game By Anna North,, August 3, 2010 A recent essay in the Times points out that “rules for drinking are not so different from rules for writing.” If that’s true, then clearly famous … Continue reading

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A Romantic Way to Perish

Why Heroines Die in Classic Fiction By Vivienne Parry, October 24, 2007 A Nasty Case Of The Vapours, BBC Radio 4 To read classic fiction is to know that if the heroine gets wet, a swift descent into brain fever … Continue reading

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