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Literary Drinking Games

Drink ‘Til He’s Witty: The Reader’s Drinking Game By Anna North,, August 3, 2010 A recent essay in the Times points out that “rules for drinking are not so different from rules for writing.” If that’s true, then clearly famous … Continue reading

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Return of the Babysitters

  Say Hello To Your Future: Could The Baby-Sitters Club Inspire Young Girls To Create Their Own Jobs? By Hortense,, March 20, 2010 When I was in 4th grade, my friends and I shared an obsession with the Baby-Sitters … Continue reading

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Attack of the Rich Kid Book

Where, Oh Where Is Superfudge? By Rachel Shukert,, February 4, 2008    Let me begin with a small disclaimer: it is not my intention to make anybody feel old, least of all myself. Although I already feel old; recently … Continue reading

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