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New young-adulthood

Trendspotting: New Adult by Sarah Wethern,, February 21, 2013   Let’s face it, teens today can’t see their futures as easy. On top of their everyday pressures — struggling with new feelings for some peers, maintaining grades, exploring their own interests … Continue reading

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Keeping Merida “brave”

What’s wrong with Disney princesses? A small victory for Merida doesn’t change the company’s dysfunctional branding BY MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS,, May 15, 2013 If there’s one thing you can count on Disney for, it’s creating strong leading female characters … Continue reading

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The Romance Resurgence: reactionary modern love stories

Love, Actually: How girls reluctantly endure the hookup culture By CAITLIN FLANAGAN, The Atlantic, May 11, 2010 IN CASE YOU haven’t noticed, millions of girls are in the midst of a cultural insurrection. Armed with the pocket money that has made them … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of a Bling Ring-era teen

Memoirs of a Valley Girl Malcontent by Katie J.M. Baker,, May 29, 2013 One August afternoon when I was fourteen, my friend and I somehow acquired enough cash to rent a white stretch limo for an afternoon to drive … Continue reading

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All girls love princesses, just ask Pippa

Pippa Middleton Meets Outspoken Little Girl Who ‘Hates Princesses’ Huffington Post, 10/26/2012 An outspoken little girl has put Pippa Middleton in her place, reminding the British socialite that not every 10-year-old girl likes pink and princesses. According to Gawker, Middleton was hanging out … Continue reading

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The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Wild things: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls by Donna Bowman, Amelie Gillette, Steven Hyden, Noel Murray, Leonard Pierce and Nathan Rabin The Onion A.V. Club, August 4, 2008 1. Elizabethtown (Kirsten Dunst) Ah, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, … Continue reading

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Girlhood, 1971.

Here are the first five minutes from the documentary Growing Up Female, widely considered to be the first film of the modern women’s movement.

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Teenagers, a late-90s obsession

Desperate to Seem 16 by Lynn Hirschberg, New York Times, September 5, 1999 The most popular actresses on television today are very young and brunet. There is Katie Holmes, who stars as a high-schooler on “Dawson’s Creek,” and Jennifer Love … Continue reading

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The End of the Princess Movie?

“Rapunzel” Goes Gender-Neutral by Sadie Stein,, March 9, 2010 Since Disney believes the title “Frog Princess” alienated boys, “Rapunzel” is now “Tangled.” Happily ever after? Says the producer, “In our film, the infamous bandit Flynn Rider meets his match in … Continue reading

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Girl Power, A History

Pop Tarts! The epic story of the rise and fall of Britney, Christina, Mandy, and the rest of the pop princesses The Daily Book Beast, February 15, 2010 Excerpt from Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music by Marisa Meltzer By … Continue reading

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