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The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Wild things: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls by Donna Bowman, Amelie Gillette, Steven Hyden, Noel Murray, Leonard Pierce and Nathan Rabin The Onion A.V. Club, August 4, 2008 1. Elizabethtown (Kirsten Dunst) Ah, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, … Continue reading

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Where’s the next generation of Buffys?

We need more vampire slayers – just not more Buffys by Charlie Jane Anders,, November 29, 2010 Warner Bros. had half the right idea with their Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake. It’s about time somebody picked up the baton Joss Whedon dropped … Continue reading

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Not too seductive, not too virginal… the messy tale of Holly Go-not-so-lightly

Tantrums at Tiffany’s: How a viper’s nest of clashing egos nearly killed off one of the best-loved films ever made by Corinna Honan, The Daily Mail, November 5, 2010 When it came to casting the star of Breakfast At ­Tiffany’s, the … Continue reading

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Back to 90s Disney glory days?

  Tangled takes us back to when Disney’s princesses reigned supreme By Meredith Woerner,, October 5, 2010    We’ve seen Tangled, Disney’s latest attempt to revive the great princess movies of its past. Suffice to say it transported us … Continue reading

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A Jane for Every Age

“The Jane Austen Signs of Middle Age,” Jane Austen’s World, September 2, 2010 Jane Austen fans tend to read her books repeatedly throughout their lives.  In an article in the Guardian UK, Charlotte Higgins describes how her identity with a … Continue reading

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“Ladies, welcome to Fight Club.” – Lizzy Bennet

Welcome To Jane Austen’s Fight Club “The first rule of fight club is one never mentions fight club. No corsets, no hatpins, and no crying.”

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What does Tolkien offer to women?

The sorority of the Ring By Cath Elliott, The Guardian March 17, 2010 How can I be a feminist and a The Lord of the Rings geek? Because Tolkien has more to offer women than critics may think. I know … Continue reading

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Jo, Anne… Bella? Oh dear.

Twilight girls learn to give it all up for love  Jordan Baker, Sydney Morning Herald, November 19, 2009  When I was growing up, my literary heroine was Josephine March from Little Women. Jo was a lanky tomboy with no interest … Continue reading

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The Case of the Many Nancys

Nancy Drew’s Granddaughters By Jan Hoffman, New York Times, July 17, 2009 WHO was your Nancy Drew? “She was a team leader,” said Susan Silbermann, 47, who, as a Baltimore tween, painstakingly collected the series about the Girl Sleuth and … Continue reading

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A Romantic Way to Perish

Why Heroines Die in Classic Fiction By Vivienne Parry, October 24, 2007 A Nasty Case Of The Vapours, BBC Radio 4 To read classic fiction is to know that if the heroine gets wet, a swift descent into brain fever … Continue reading

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