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The Opt-Out / Lean-In Flipflop

Quitting Your Job to Be a Full-Time Mom Is Probably a Bad Idea by Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel, 8/08/13 Leaving a high powered job to pursue your true June Cleaver stay-at-home-mom smiling-serenely-while-scrubbing-the-grout-in-pearls vocation sounds like an untenable fantasy from jump … Continue reading

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It doesn’t pay to elope

Warning: Eloping Will Leave You A Sheetless Wretch by Margaret Hartmann,, July 23, 2010 If you thought weddings were about making a commitment to the person you love, prepare to be schooled by this vintage ad. Apparently they’re all … Continue reading

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What “all thoughtful women realize”

Found by Susan 🙂

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Settling for Mr. Not-Half-Bad: A 1930s Lori Gottlieb

How I Made My Marriage Happy: A Woman’s Personal Story Few of Us Find Everything We Want in Marriage, But One May Make the Most of What One Gets From Physical Culture magazine, 1930 HOW often have you remarked, as … Continue reading

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