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Orphan Stories

Why We Love Movies About Orphans We root for Harry Potter for the same reasons we root for Oliver Twist and Shirley Temple: because they’ve lost their parents. by Steve Daly, Newsweek, November 18, 2010 In the avalanche of moody, … Continue reading

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No more bosom friends?

Why Would You Want To Keep Your Kid From Having A Best Friend? By Sadie Stein, From the NY Times: “Increasingly, some educators and other professionals who work with children are asking a question that might surprise their parents: … Continue reading

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Jo, Anne… Bella? Oh dear.

Twilight girls learn to give it all up for love  Jordan Baker, Sydney Morning Herald, November 19, 2009  When I was growing up, my literary heroine was Josephine March from Little Women. Jo was a lanky tomboy with no interest … Continue reading

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Gilbert Blythe: young and cannot properly flirt

The Ballad of Anne and Gilbert By Diana Peterfreund, April 23, 2009 I was in a pretty strange mood yesterday (anyone who follows my Twitter feed can back me up on that one). And I was chatting with Justine about … Continue reading

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