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Mad Men masculinity

Don Draper’s sad manhood: What makes “Mad Men” different from “Breaking Bad,” “Sopranos” Modern men aren’t allowed the narcissism of “Mad Men” — but Don Draper’s not exactly a ’60s guy, either AMANDA D. LOTZ, Salon, April 11, 2014 “But what about … Continue reading

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Reluctantly Betty Draper

I was Betty Draper Everyone loves Peggy and Joan. But it’s “Mad Men’s” brattiest, least feminist character I really identify with RACHEL SHUKERT, Salon, WEDNESDAY, JUL 21, 2010 “Are you going off to be a Mad Man?” I asked my … Continue reading

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Drink like a Mad Men character

BAR OF THE WEEK SPECIAL: THE COCKTAILS OF MAD MEN! Elizabeth Thompson, It’s hard to miss the five-martini lunches and constant scotch drinking on the fantastic AMC drama series Mad Men, but plenty of classic cocktails, from the Old Fashioned to … Continue reading

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