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The Real Life of Writers

You think writing’s a dream job? It’s more like a horror film A new poll reveals that 60% of Britons long to be an author. It can be a good life, for sure – but could they handle the insecurity, … Continue reading

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Reluctantly Betty Draper

I was Betty Draper Everyone loves Peggy and Joan. But it’s “Mad Men’s” brattiest, least feminist character I really identify with RACHEL SHUKERT, Salon, WEDNESDAY, JUL 21, 2010 “Are you going off to be a Mad Man?” I asked my … Continue reading

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Emma Thompson interviews are a joy forever

Monogamy is an ‘odd state’, Emma Thompson says By Hannah Furness, The Telegraph, October 3, 2013 Monogamy in the modern day is an “odd state”, the Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson has said, as she argues it is too easy to be … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Roald Dahl’s Writing Shed

Inside Dahl’s dream factory: His last Marlboro in the ashtray, author’s macabre garden shed needs saving By Robert Hardman, The Daily Mail, September 14, 2011   The wolves appear to have disappeared. But everything else is here – from the … Continue reading

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Jane Austen, On Writing

Jane Austen’s Advice for Writers by Vic Sanborn, Oct 4, 2010 Jane Austen wrote about the art of writing in her letters to family, friends, and acquaintances, and followed her own advice. In her letters to her sister, Cassandra, niece Anna Austen, … Continue reading

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Voice of a female journalist from the 1930s

An hour with Lotta Dempsey: a journalist and columnist who practiced her craft at a time when working for a newspaper was not considered a ‘ladylike’ profession. Growing up among the “Famous Five,” she got her start at the Edmonton … Continue reading

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A Lemony pep talk

Dear Cohort, Struggling with your novel? Paralyzed by the fear that it’s nowhere near good enough? Feeling caught in a trap of your own devising? You should probably give up. For one thing, writing is a dying form. One reads … Continue reading

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Songs are like tattoos, you know…

In Which She May Bake Some Brownies Today Loo Loo Loo Loo Loo By Emily Gould,, April 2, 2010 Ladies of the Canyon ushered in a period of unprecedented commercial success for Joni Mitchell. Warner Brothers marketed the album explicitly … Continue reading

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Not too seductive, not too virginal… the messy tale of Holly Go-not-so-lightly

Tantrums at Tiffany’s: How a viper’s nest of clashing egos nearly killed off one of the best-loved films ever made by Corinna Honan, The Daily Mail, November 5, 2010 When it came to casting the star of Breakfast At ­Tiffany’s, the … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s Education

From “Jane Austen Went to School” by Tony Grant, London Calling    Punctuation Personified, 1760 version of A Pretty Little Pocket Book. Image from the British Library.   In 1782, at the age of 7, Jane Austen went to school … Continue reading

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